August 13-15th, 2021

A positive first impressions will make or break your lodge’s ability to gain and retain new and quality members.  To assist Lodges in improving upon their induction of new members, education of current Arrowmen, and delivering top quality ceremonies, the seventh-annual training event formerly known as Ceremonies Weekend will be changing to the expanded Inductions and Ceremonies Summit weekend.  For all participants, a greater emphasis will be placed upon the overall induction process, which includes ceremonies.

During the Summit, all participants will be inspired and trained on the following regarding the Induction:

  • How the OA supports the goals of Scouting and how the OA can strengthen youth scouts and their units
  • Explain the “how and why” the Induction is designed to be a positive experience for Arrowmen; and when successfully implemented it will be life-changing
  • Share tools, resources, and best-practices that can be used to improve your lodge’s Induction; and provide an excellent experience to all Arrowmen in your lodge and ultimately to Scouts in each unit
  • The significant role that adult leaders must play in inspiring and advising Arrowmen

Whether you are an Elangomat, committee chairman, ceremonialist, coach, advisor, or just an inspired Arrowman who desires to improve your lodge’s Induction, including meaningful ceremonies, Unit Elections and Call Outs, Ordeal Weekends, and the Journey to Brotherhood, this event is planned with you in mind. Both large and small group sessions will be offered and you will have the opportunity to interact with key national and section trainers who will help prepare you to return to your lodge motivated and empowered to take steps forward in 2020 by delivering the gift of the Admonition to your lodge’s candidates and brothers. The Inductions and Ceremonies Summit weekend is a section-wide training and fellowship event held on April 3-5 at the Cub Adventure Camp on the Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation in Maidens, Virginia, conveniently located just west of Richmond.

For those interested in inductions you will learn about and get a jump start on new initiatives to be rolled out at NOAC and learn from “best practices” in other lodges.

Those interested in ceremonies will have opportunities for honing skills and gaining a deeper understanding of our Order’s ceremonies.  Lodges in SR7A will also be afforded an opportunity to present your team’s ceremony for evaluation, thus freeing up ceremonialists to enjoy and participate in other areas of Conclave!  All participants will be afforded the opportunity to present your ceremonies for evaluation as well.

This event will undoubtedly help your lodge thrive in 2020 by improving the inductions experience and helping deliver the gift of the Admonition through improved ceremonies.

All attendees will be housed in cabins and will enjoy meals prepared and served in the dining hall. Don’t delay, register today.



HURRY! The registration deadline is March 31st!

For more information, email

Please remember to complete a BSA medical form and bring it with you!