In addition to the knowledge-rich training sessions offered every year, we are pleased to offer several very special opportunities in 2014.

The three “coffee” events in Block V are specifically geared towards certain areas of focus within the lodge and council: commissioners, lodge history team members, and chapter advisers. The Commissioner Coffee is being led by John McCulla, Assistant Area Commissioner for Southern Region Area 7. The Lodge Historian Coffee is being facilitated by Kyle Brendel (NE-6A Section Secretary and youth lead for the national lodge historian program), Scott Smith (SR-7A Associate Section Adviser), and National Committee member Ken Davis, who wrote “the” history of the Order of the Arrow book. The Chapter Adviser Coffee is being led by Bud Harrelson, a former SR-7B Section Adviser who serves on the National OA Committee.

We are also honored to have Paul Lackey and Jay Dunbar returning to work with our Ceremonies training (Block IX). Paul and Jay are national leaders in OA ceremonies and inductions, and were the primary forces behind the development of the new Brotherhood Ceremony.

Also, be sure to check out the special presentation on the History of the Order of the Arrow by author and National Committeeman Kenneth P. Davis, Ph.D. at 2:00 p.m. More information on Ken may be found here.

Click HERE for a map of camp (shows training areas outside of the Parade Field vicinity)

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Conclave 2014 Training Schedule

This schedule, along with a map of locations, will appear in the Saturday Breakfast edition of the Conclave Newsletter and will also be visible on posters throughout camp. To view all 9 training blocks, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the table.
Ceremonies OA RING
9:00 - 9:50Public Speaking and Effective Presentation Skills
(Matthew Good)
The Lodge and the Unit (Eric Nissen)Patch Collecting and Trading (Alex Wiatt)Advising Lodge Events (Jeff Bobrow)Commissioner Coffee (John McCulla)OA Involvement in the District (James Crandall)Intro to Lane (lazy stitch) BeadworkBeginning DanceNew Brotherhood Ceremony Execution (Paul Lackey & Jay Dunbar)
10:00 - 10:50Fighting Sash & Dash (Carter S. Elliott IV)How OA High Adventure Impacts Youth [for adults] (Tim Reidl)Elangomat Training (Rowland Creamer)Being an OA Adviser (John Donat)Lodge Historian Coffee (Kyle Brendel, Scott Smith, Ken Davis)Chainsaw Certification Part I [classroom portion of cert., adult only, must complete both Parts I & II] 2 hours (Allen How to Set Up a TipiIntro to Dance StylesNew Brotherhood Ceremony Implementation (Paul Lackey & Jay Dunbar)
11:00 - 11:50Cub Scouts & the OA (Tyler McGaughy)OA High Adventure – What are YOU doing this summer??? [for youth] (Sean Ferrier)So You Want to be the Next Chief? (Brendan Kane)Preserving the Customs & Traditions (OA Archives & Memorabilia) (Scott Smith & Ken Davis)Chapter Adviser Coffee (Bud Harrelson)Chainsaw Certification Part II see previous session for detailsIntro to Dance ClothesIntro to Northern Singing
2:00 - 2:50The History of the Order of the Arrow (Ken Davis)