It’s beginning to look a lot like…lodge charter renewal time!

jteheaderRecharter time has arrived! This year, a few important changes have been made to the rechartering process for lodges. An overview of these changes may be found here.

Key changes from past years include:

  • The Journey to Excellence application is now required to be submitted along with your Charter Renewal application.
  • Submission of these documents may be through LodgeMaster or email.
  • A check no longer needs to be sent with your charter renewal application. Your council will be billed by National through their internal means after the paperwork is received.

Full instructions for the submission of your lodge’s Charter Renewal and Journey to Excellence applications may be found here.

The 2014 charter renewal packet was mailed to your Scout Executives on October 1st, so now is the time to begin the recharter process. The deadline for completion is December 31st.